Jun 2, 2014

Lux Read-Along Begins Today

The Lux Read-Along will will take place June 2nd to August 1st.

Click here to sign up for the read-along, review the rules, and see all the amazing prizes up for grabs 
at Deity Island.  Thank you Deity Island for organizing this fun reading!

Here is the Read-Along schedule: 

 June 2nd (Week 1): Obsidian Read-Along, Chapters 1-15
June 9th (Week 2): Obsidian, Chapters 1-15 Questions AND Obsidian Read-Along, Chapters 16-30
June 16th (Week 3): Obsidian, Chapters 16-30 Questions AND Shadows & Onyx, Chapters 1-16 Read-Along
June 23rd (Week 4): Shadows & Onyx, Chapters 1-16 Questions AND Onyx Read-Along, Chapters 17-36
June 30th (Week 5): Onyx, Chapters 17-36 Questions AND Opal Read-Along, Chapters 1-18
July 7th (Week 6): Opal, Chapters 1-18 Questions AND Opal Read-Along, Chapters 19-36
July 14th (Week 7): Opal, Chapters 19-36 Questions AND Origin Read-Along, Chapters 1-15
July 21th (Week 8): Origin, Chapters 1-15 Questions AND Origin Read-Along, Chapters 16-31
July 28th (Week 9): Origin, Chapters 16-31 Questions AND End of Read-Along Survey

August 4th: Wrap Up Post & Winners Announced

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