Jan 31, 2013

Guest Blog & Giveaway: Blood of the Dark Moon by Adrianne Brennan

I would like to welcome Adrianne Brennan to My Paranormal Book Review.  Today, Adrianne is guest blogging about her next writing project.  


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 A dark flame of passion ignites between Amanda, a devoted follower of the Greek god Apollo, and Jesse, a handsome scholar who shares her love of both the classics and the occult. But little does Amanda know she is destined to fulfill a legacy that began long ago and ended in tragedy. Together, she and Jesse embark on a journey down a shadowy path that delivers Amanda into Jesse’s scintillating underworld of vampires, magick, and secret societies. Will she learn her true identity in time to help those she has grown to care for, and find happiness in her new life with Jesse? And will destiny finally be fulfilled?

Guest Blog:

My Next Writing Project

It's the final book in the Oath series entitled "Union". I'm in the midst of edits for it and will be the very next book of mine to come out. It’s the conclusion of the tale of a young woman named Lila in the process of self-discovery, empowerment, and mastery through an intensely erotic series of rituals. It’s a fantasy work featuring magick, demons, and all sorts of supernatural events. Once finished I plan to have a sequel to the series in the form of a novella, something a bit longer for my readers to sink their teeth into.

 I have a few struggles with getting this particular work done. This series has chronicled the personal journey and evolution in an intense, sexual way. I’m not sure what to leave off with in a way that would close out the series and do the character justice. Her tale won’t end, and for that I have a sequel planned, but it’s the “end-that’s-a-beginning” and fitting it as a short chapter work which is the challenge.

 Interestingly, I find longer works easier to finish than shorter works. You would think that something that’s only 2-4k in length would be easy to write but it seems that my comfort zone is more at the 10-15k length and higher. As a result, I may have to have the last chapter longer than what would be preferable.

 Writers: what sorts of obstacles do you typically find in ending a series? Readers: what type of series’ endings do you enjoy the best, and why? Do you believe a story can ever truly end, and do you feel comfortable with “open” endings, knowing that in the end, a story can never really be over? Or do you find more comfort in total closure?

Author Info.

Adrianne Brennan stumbled into her love of writing by accident at the age of ten with a creative writing assignment for her science class. The end result was a science fiction comedy featuring numerous puns regarding vegetables. Adrianne's works were previously published through Aphrodite's Apples Press and are now published through Freya's Bower, Love You Divine, Running Press/Constable & Robinson, and Torquere Press. In addition, she is a member of EPIC, Infinite Worlds of Fantasy Authors, the Midnight Seductions Authors group, and an alumnus member of Kappa Gamma Psi, a co-ed national professional performing arts fraternity. The author resides in Boston, Massachusetts with two cats and a car she has aptly named "the TARDIS." She assures her readers that people tell her it looks bigger on the inside.

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Jan 29, 2013

Blurb Blitz & Giveaway: See Me by Natalie Nicole Bates


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Carly Anders is hearing voices in her head. Another one of her kind is trying to contact her. She knows of the malevolent freaks—others who are eternal like her and seek out the weak to inflict pain upon. For years, Carly has held up huge protective walls to keep herself and her secrets safe. Now, physically and mentally exhausted, Carly needs protection and rest. She accepts the invitation to visit an internet friend who needs help appraising a collection of antique photographs. The situation is not ideal, but Carly hopes a male presence in her life will deter the determined suitor who haunts her thoughts and dreams. Daniel Tremont is not what Carly is expecting. The former funeral director has a secret of his own. Not only is he eternal like Carly, he is her creation from all those years before—her abomination she thought she killed. Daniel has been searching for Carly for years. He knows she is the piece of his life that he has been missing for so long. Now that he has found her, he has no intentions of letting her go.


A flicker of life ignited in her eyes. Her hands came up to his face, and to Daniel’s surprise, tears bubbled from his own eyes. He was releasing the pain and fear he had absorbed from his beloved.

 “I’m so sorry, Daniel, so sorry,” she murmured. 

 “There’s nothing to be sorry for, my love. It’s over. It’s time to move forward now.” 

 “You don’t understand what I am, Daniel.”

 “I do understand, Carly. I am what you are. See me for what I am.” 

 In his mind, he could see the moving clockwork gears of her thoughts once again as she tried to process what he was telling her to be true.

 “Just accept it, and let’s move forward.” 

 She drew his face to hers and her lips parted beneath his. Time blurred and he drank in the essence of his Carly. Her soft, barely covered curves molded themselves against his the hard planes of his body. Her hands were under his t-shirt, her fingers stroking him.

 If he pressed on, he knew she wouldn’t refuse him. But in her vulnerable state, he wouldn’t let anything progress further that night. Carly needed time to process everything that happened. There was plenty of time to pursue a physical relationship. They weren’t going any where…he hoped.


Author Info:

Natalie-Nicole Bates is a book reviewer and author. Her passions in life include books and hockey along with Victorian and Edwardian era photography and antique poison bottles. Natalie contributes her uncharacteristic love of hockey to being born in Russia. She currently resides in the UK where she is working on her next book and adding to her collection of 19th century post-mortem photos.

Author Links:

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Jan 28, 2013

Young Adult Giveaway Hop

Welcome to the Young Adult Giveaway Hop!

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For this hop, I'm giving one lucky follower their choice of a Young Adult book (up to $10 US) from the book depository.  REMEMBER: The book depository must ship free to your country to be eligible. 
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The Vampire Collection Blog Tour & Giveaway

I'd like to welcome The Vampire Collection Tour and Giveaway! 

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 Two vampire novellas from two very different series, in the same ebook called: THE VAMPIRE COLLECTION.

 The first novella, BRINK OF ETERNITY, belongs to the Guardians of Ascension series featuring winged vampires in a world of ascending dimensional earths. The second novella, EMBRACE THE DARK, is the first story in my Blood Rose series. Both novellas explore the sexy mystique of the warrior vampire, each over-burdened by the responsibilities of his job and in need of the love of a good woman

Cover Blurb:

 Discover powerful winged vampire warriors, the Guardians of Ascension, and the women they’re sworn to protect! 
Gideon swore he would never see Elise Jordan again even though they’d been passionate lovers for two years. Her human nature couldn’t survive in his ascended vampire world; she would be vulnerable to attack on every front if he tried to continue a relationship with her. But when Elise starts having visions of the future of Gideon’s sister hunted by death vampires, Gideon can no longer ignore that Elise is in her Call to Ascension, her call to become a vampire. Though determined to keep her at bay, the infamous breh-hedden, an all-consuming vampire bonding ritual, wraps him up tight and demands that he protect Elise. As he strives to keep her alive during her Rite of Ascension, love threatens to overwhelm his carefully ordered, war-weary world.


 Enter a world of blood-starved mastyr vampires and the rare women who can satisfy their deepest needs… 
Gerrod, mastyr vampire of the Merhaine Realm, never thought to have his blood-needs satisfied by a mere human. But Abigail of Arizona is no ordinary woman. She stuns him with her telepathy as well as the richness of her blood. However, her human DNA makes her an unacceptable mate. Yet how can Gerrod turn her away when she alone has satisfied his blood-starvation for the first time in a hundred-and-fifty-years? When the dreaded enemy of all realm-folk, the Invictus, attacks at a fae wedding, Abigail’s simple human life gets turned upside down. She doesn’t know if she has the courage to pursue a path that means giving herself body and soul to a mastyr vampire. Will she return to her normal existence in Flagstaff, Arizona? Or will she embrace the dark…

My Review

The Guardians of Ascension is an amazing series!  The Brink of Eternity is a novella  focusing on a militia warrior, Gideon, and his breh, Jordan.  This is different as the other books in the series focus on the Warriors of the Blood.  Caris' writing style is descriptive and enthralls the reader into the world of Second Earth.

Both Gideon and Jordan express reasons to not love another.  Gideon is afraid to love due to his dangerous job and his need to protect those he cares about.  Jordan grew up with a single mom, who showed her little affection.  She is use to being alone and never allowed anyone to breakdown the walls to her heart.  When faced with losing each other for eternity, both must recognize their destiny.  It's amazing how our thoughts can interfere with our heart's desire.

What would a review be without mentioning the steamy sex scenes between Gideon and Jordan?  Hot, Hot, Hot...I'm fanning myself just thinking about those scenes.

Overall, I highly recommend this book.  I'm looking forward to reading more books about the Warriors on Second Earth.

The author provided me with a copy of the book for an honest review.

Buy Links 

Everyone who purchases The Vampire Collection: The Brink of Eternity and Embrace the Dark will receive a free arc of the next book in the series "The Darkening"! " Simply email your Proof of purchase of "Vampire Collection: Brink of Eternity and Embrace the Dark" to Caris and she will send you a free arc of "The Darkening". Here is her E-mail carisroane@gmail.com . Caris would love to see your reviews posted on Amazon for both "Vampire Collection: Brink of Eternity and Embrace the Dark" and "The Darkening" once you have a chance to enjoy them.

                      Barnes & Noble

Author Info

I was ten when I first watched an old movie version of PRIDE AND PREJUDICE and loved it! Movies led to books, which led to writing and after a good long while, publishing. I wrote sweet Regency romance for Kensington for 19 years and recently fell in love with paranormal, although I’ve always had a thing for vampires. I currently write paranormal romance for St. Martin’s Press but I self-publish as well. Building an online platform has been an enormous but rewarding challenge. I think all the changes in publishing will alter how authors approach the business going forward and I for one am thrilled to have so many options. Caris Roane has published over fifty Regency romance novels and novellas under the pen name, Valerie King. In 2005, Romantic Times gave her a Career Achievement award in Regency Romance. Having had a long-time love affair with vampires, Caris tackled the paranormal genre and built a unique vampire world based on ascending dimensional earths. Her series is called Guardians of Ascension. Her most recent self-published project, The Blood Rose Novella Series, launched in May of 2012 with the first title: Embrace the Dark. Currently, Caris is working on a new vampire series set to launch in the Fall of 2013: WARRIORS IN CHAINS with the first novel, BORN IN CHAINS. Caris lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with her two cats, Sebastien and Gizzy.

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Jan 24, 2013

Book Tour Review & Giveaway: The Vrykolakas Deviation by Sherri Lackey

I'd like to thank Sherri Lackey for her guest post today! I'm so excited to learn about your writing goals for this year.
After reading the guest post, please check out the book blurb, review & author information.


Sherri will be awarding a $25 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn commenter during the tour, and a $15 Amazon gift card to a randomly drawn host.

Writing Goals for 2013

My first priority for 2013 is publishing the second book in my Narcissus Legacy series which is titled The Darkness Below. It introduces a new character named Kaie, Keeva and Severin’s daughter. The story begins approximately twenty years after the closing scene of The Vrykolakas Deviation. Kaie becomes trapped in a dark realm known as Subtenna which is inhabited by dark elves, carnivorous creatures, and something long hidden in the depths below the surface. One particular phrase haunts her - What is born or brought to the Belows must stay.
I have two more books planned for the series. The third is tentatively titled The Darkness Within and I don’t have a title for the fourth book yet. The third book will pick up with the story of Connor, Keeva and Severin’s son, who is introduced in the first book as a baby. Connor changes into something which is entirely a weapon of destruction. Saving him from himself will take an enormous effort on the part of his family. The fourth book will introduce Lyric, Kaie’s daughter, who is a nymph - I think. It’s still very much a work in progress. Lyric is probably the most well adjusted character in the entire series. She takes everything in stride even when the situation is looking bleak.
My plan is to publish the second book, The Darkness Below, no later than August. I will continue to work on the two remaining books, but I intend to take a short detour after the second book is out. I have another book that I want to introduce which has nothing to do with the Narcissus Legacy series. The book is titled The Architects of Paradise and I plan to have it out by 2014. It is science fiction instead of fantasy like the Narcissus Legacy series. It will tell the story of a young girl named Adina who appears to be like any other ten year old girl until the day Earth is invaded by a hostile alien group known as the Architects. All the inhabitants of Earth become enslaved to the Architects, except for Adina, the Architects have other plans for her. She is taken to the planet known as Paradise. She is the first non-Paradesian ever allowed to live on the planet. For that reason she is disliked by many. As she approaches adulthood, the Architects try to exert more control over her destiny. She tries to resist them as best she can, but is unable to in the end. Or does she?
Those are my writing goals for 2013. I think they will keep me busy the entire year and probably a few years to come. Thanks for having me here today! 


Keeva lives her life on the run, changing identities and personas. She is running from monsters she has never seen - vrykolakes, vampire creatures her father, Sandor, has told her stories about all her life. She had almost convinced herself that these monsters had all died in a volcano eruption on the island of Strongili long ago. But when a vrykolakas named Severin kills Mandy, her best friend, she discovers the vrykolakes are alive and well. Keeva knows about Severin from her father’s stories, and her first impulse is to kill him and rid the world of the evil vrykolakas. She feels drawn to him however, and takes him prisoner. She hopes to better understand the vrykolakes and perhaps better understand herself. She is over two thousand years old. She doesn't know who or what she is, but she wants to find out. In order to do that, she has to discover her past. Severin might be the place to start looking for a connection to the past. Or, he could be the worst mistake Keeva has ever made.

My Review:

The Vrykolakas Deviation is the first book in the Narcissus Legacy Series. The book describes the life of Keeva, who is over 2000 years old.  Keeva's character struggles with depressive episodes associated with her feelings of emptiness.  She is reluctant to form attachments to humans as she knows she will outlive them.  One night, she meet Severin and everything changes.

Lackey takes the reader into the heart of the Vrykolakas culture.  I really enjoyed learning the details about Keeva's family's past and ancestry.  I do wish to know more about Keeva's emerging powers.   My only criticism is The Vrykolakas Deviation is written as a journal.  I prefer a writing style with more dialogue between characters.  I do hope others take the opportunity to read this book.  I think you will enjoy the journey.

I was provided a copy of the book from the author for an honest review.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:
Sherri Lackey, born in Carlsbad, New Mexico, now lives in Montana where the cold northern climate inspires her to write. She writes science fiction and fantasy with dashes of speculative fiction, a pinch of steampunk, and a touch of urban fantasy. She lives with her husband, Paul, and their three children. She also has a faithful dog named Raymond who likes to sit by her side while she writes.

http://sherrilackey.com                       TWITTER

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Jan 23, 2013

Book Tour & Review: Blood Shadows by Lindsay L. Pryor

Book Description:

Blood Shadows
Blackthorn Series Book One
Genre:            Paranormal Romance
Publisher:      Bookouture
Cover Artist:  Henry Steadman


For vengeance - would you trust a vampire? For justice - could you betray your family?
For love - are you ready to question everything you believe in?

Gifted with the ability to read the shadows of ‘third species’ beings, Caitlin Parish is the Vampire Control Unit’s most powerful agent. Despite that, her mission to hunt down Kane Malloy – a master vampire – comes with a death wish. Many have tried, but few have survived.

For Caitlin, tracking Kane is about more than just professional reputation. With her parents both mysteriously killed 7 years apart to the day, Caitlin knows that without Kane’s help she is next.

She has four days to make a deal with the wicked, the irresistible, the treacherous Kane Malloy. The vampire who despises everything she stands for.
Or die.

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Blood Shadows by Lindsay J. Pryor

Blood Shadows

by Lindsay J. Pryor

Giveaway ends January 18, 2013.
See the giveaway details at Goodreads.
Enter to win


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Click here to read the first three chapters on Scribd for free!

My Review:

Blood Shadows by Lindsay J. Pryor is a must read!  It's the first book in the Blackthorn series.  Pryor's writing style flowed smoothly and grabbed my attention immediately.  She created a complex dystopian society where third species (vampires and lycans) are discriminated against by humans.  They live in their own communities and the borders between communities is guarded by law enforcement.  Of course, a special group of law enforcement, called Third Species Control Divisions,  was created to oversee the third species crimes.  This concept is creative and different from other paranormal books I've read lately.  

Throughout the book, I fell in love with the characters, Caitlin and Kane.  Caitlin's character began as a strong female character working in a profession where only men are expected to excel.  She is driven by her past and her need to know what murdered her parents. Her goal is to capture, Kane.  He is a master vampire accused of horrible crimes against humans and other third species.   Her interest in Kane is not only job related. She believes he has information about what killed her parents.  The relationship between Caitlin and Kane grows in intensity throughout the book.   Pryor does an amazing job in showing different levels of emotions in both characters.  Both characters developed walls of steel around their hearts to prevent themselves from future heart ache.  However, their walls soon start to crumble. 

In conclusion, I highly recommend Blood Shadows.  As I am finishing writing this review, I keep thinking how Blood Shadows is an excellent example of how human beings fear what they don't understand.  However, when you take the time to learn more about each other (like Caitlin and Kane did), you actually find out you are more similar than different.  

I'm looking forward to reading the next book in the Blackthorn series, Blood Rose, due to be released in the Spring 2013.  I am excited to learn more about Blackthorn, the prophecy, and other vampire and lycan characters.   

I was provided a copy of Blood Shadows by the author for an honest review. 

About the Author:

Lindsay J. Pryor is a British Paranormal Romance author who writes dark, intense stories set in the dystopian world of Blackthorn. Her trademark powerful vampire heroes and utterly combustible sensual romances have earned Lindsay comparisons with both J.R Ward and Sherrilyn Kenyon. A finalist in Mills & Boon’s New Voices competition in both 2010 and 2011, Lindsay has already proved a smash hit with readers. Comments like “Utterly captivating”, “Jaw-droppingly good”, “Awesome”, “I forgot to blink”, “The sexual tension is off the charts”, “I nearly fainted when he removed her belt”, “I drooled on my keyboard” and even “Tell Kane he can have my soul RIGHT NOW!” convinced Lindsay she just might have what it took to become a published author. With the launch of Blood Shadows, that dream is now a reality. Her journey to published author though has been a long one. Lindsay has been creating stories since she was nine years old, when she quickly decided that fantasy was more interesting than reality. She thought she’d grow out of it but hasn’t yet. Despite years of bashing out stories on an old typewriter, it was the death of her father in 2007 that finally convinced Lindsay to try and become a published author. “One of the last things my dad said to me was to do what I wanted to do in life. After he passed away, I pulled out all my scribbles from over the years and got back to writing what I loved most – paranormal romance.” If reviews are anything to go by, it was a journey well worth making.



Jan 11, 2013

Wicked Paradise by Erin Richards Review & Giveaway

GIVEAWAY...Erin will award the following gifts.

  • One randomly drawn commenter at every stop an ebook copy of her paranormal romantic suspense novel, Chasing Shadows (published by Ellora's Cave Blush imprint)
  • One randomly drawn commenter on the tour will receive a $25 Amazon or Barnes & Noble gift card (winner's choice)
  • a $25 gift card to Amazon or Barnes & Noble (winner's choice) will be awarded to a randomly drawn host.

Balanced between the future and the past lies a pre-utopian paradise that may be mankind’s last hope for survival. Yet the island hides a sinister secret…a fearsome demon from ancient Ireland is imprisoned there and it’s about to escape to the twenty-first century.
Desperate to save a future post-apocalyptic world from total destruction, sorcerers send the most powerful sorceress from medieval times, Morgan of the Druids, through time to an island prison to kill WindWraith, the long-imprisoned Fomorian demon.
After a deadly squall tosses Druid-assassin Ryan O’Rourke into the Pacific Ocean, he washes ashore on an unchartered island brimming with magic. Ryan’s determined to find a way to return to Earth’s wasteland to battle the resurrected Fomorians plaguing the dwindling human race. When he stumbles across the enchantress who tantalizes his dreams to the point of madness, his plans turn upside down. For she stirs in him a hunger that puts his life’s purpose at risk.
Morgan has no choice but to kill the Fomorian before it kills her. But Ryan has other plans for the demon . . . Now Morgan and Ryan must decide between love and duty in a perilous race against the evil that could destroy Earth.

Jan 7, 2013

Bitten By Deceit by Shawntelle Madison Review

Title:  Bitten By Deceit
Author: Shawntelle Madison
Published:  December 21st 2012
Genre:  Paranormal
Source: ebook via the author


Book Blurb:

Alpha wolf Emma Parker is loyal to a fault, even if it means losing the love of her life when he’s ousted from the pack. She’s never stopped needing him, and when a black witch curses the pack, she wonders if she’ll even survive. It’s a poison of the blood, and with each bite, the virus spreads, leaving the infected rabid and under the control of an evil Alpha. Kyle Benton is starting over. He’s a lone wolf, betrayed by the only woman he’s ever loved. Until Emma barges back into his life, as gorgeous and determined as ever. He’s hell bent on resisting her, or at least making her suffer. But she needs him in a way that touches him to his very soul. Now he has to determine how to set her free, and if he can, how he can ever let her go.


Bitten By Deceit is a novella written by Shawntelle Madison.  The story begins with Emma tracking down her ex-mate, Kyle.  Emma needs his help to survive the attack by her pack leader, Liam.  Emma was bitten during the attack and knows she will go insane as the poison from Liam's bite takes effect.  Kyle agrees to help her defeat Liam and hopes to seek his own revenge against his former pack leader for sabotaging their previous fight for pack leadership.  The story is packed with action and lots of steamy moments between Kyle and Emma.  Wow...the sparks and attraction between Emma and Kyle flame!   Bitten By Deciet captured my attention with the first page.  I finished the book in one sitting - it's that  fanatastic!  This novella hooked me.   I want more Kyle and Emma...please give me more Shawntelle, please!

The author provided me with a copy of the book for an honest review.

Shawntelle loves to write stories where something mysterious always happens. Her stories unfold in either a magical place or she drop kicks her heroine and hero into the mix of crazy magical circumstances. Her characters have been swimming around in her head for the longest of time, but its only recently that she has given into their demands and wrote down their adventures. Why paranormal? Well, every time she thinks about writing something straight forward she gets caught in the what-if exercise. What if her hero was a werewolf or if her heroine was a nymph? How far could she go down the rabbit hole and not sound crazy? (Yet still be somewhat believable?) Writing is one of her first loves, besides web development. She is a die hard geek who earned her undergraduate degree in Math from Iowa State University. (She even almost finished a degree in Russian Studies.) Her debut novel, Coveted, was chosen as a B&N Romance Bookseller pick for the month of May. She currently lives in Missouri with her husband and children (the Den of Evil).

To purchase Bitten By Deceit...


Jan 6, 2013

The Claiming Words by Tricia Drammeh Review

Title:    The Claiming Words
Author:  Tricia Drammeh
Pages:    231
Publisher:  September 6th 2012 by Iconic Publishing
Genre:  YA Paranormal Romance
Source:   ebook via author


Book Snyopsis:

The Alexanders have always kept their secrets hidden… When sixteen-year-old Jace Alexander moves to the small town of Oaktree, Georgia, he attracts the attention of every girl in school. Shy, introverted Alisa Cole immediately casts Jace in the leading role of her latest fantasy, but she assumes he’ll never return her interest. After she saves Jace from a Hunter, everything changes. Her accidental discovery of Jace’s secret propels her into a world of magic and danger. Alisa’s newfound courage is put to the test when Jace introduces her to his intimidating older brother,Bryce, and she decides she would rather battle a Hunter than endure another moment under Bryce’s intense scrutiny. Jace and Bryce aren’t the only ones with secrets… Rachel Stevens is the girl who has it all. She’s beautiful, popular, and in possession of an ancient power which endangers not only her, but those sent to protect her. Jace is drawn to Rachel—and he isn’t the only one. The Demon Re’Vel will do anything to claim her—even if it means waging a war with the entire Alexander family. As layers of secrets are peeled away, revealing the truth of her heritage and her family’s betrayal, Rachel struggles to resist an immortal suitor who stalks her in her dreams. With the Alexanders fighting to protect her, can Rachel escape the power of the Demon and his Claiming Words? 

My Review:
The Claiming Words is a fast paced Young Adult Paranormal Romance. Drammeh details a world with Magic within our own world.  The story is told between the POV of Rachel and Alisa.  First, Alisa exhibits low self-esteem through years of bullying by her peers, especially her cousin.  She meets Jace and her world begins to change.  After saving Jace from an attack by a hunter, Alisa is thrust into a world of magic. Alisa and Jace quickly become best friends and his family shares their magical secrets with her.  However, Jace's older brother verbalizes his disapproval of sharing secrets with a human and openly shares this with Alisa.  With this new knowledge, Alisa's character grows into a confident, strong female, who learns to stand up to her bullying peers. Now, Rachel is the total opposite of Alisa.  She is popular and part of the bullying crowd.  Jace discovers Rachel's inner magic hidden for years by a magical object. As you can imagine, a love triangle emerges as both Alisa and Rachel develop strong feelings for Jace.  Rachel's character perspective changes.  She realizes that standing by and watching others bully a peer is the same as participating in the act.  Rachel finds her voice and speaks up to protect Alisa.  Jace begins the book as an irresponsible teenager who doesn't want to train and learn how to control his magical powers.  Through his friendships with Alisa and Rachel, he realizes the importance of training and gains new insight into being responsible.  Bryce, the angry older brother, is a complex character.  An angry young man, who doesn't know which path to take in his future career.

Who is meant to be together? What hidden powers does Rachel possess?  Will she learn how to control her powers?  Who is the guy in her dreams? These questions kept me turning the page hoping the next page would provide me with the answers.  I look forward to reading more about these characters and finding the answers to all my questions.

My favorite aspect of The Claiming Words is the character development.  Each character held depth and showed growth in their journey.  The characters dealt with real emotions and situations young adults face everyday in real life.

I was provided a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.

Demon Fire: Book Two of The Claiming Words Series is scheduled to be released in the Summer of 2013.

To Purchase...
Barnes & Noble        Amazon

Author Information:

Tricia DrammehTricia Drammeh is the author of The Claiming Words. She currently lives with her family in St Charles, Missouri. The historic district is within walking distance and with every footstep down the brick-paved, haunted Main Street, she is transported to another time and her imagination takes flight. When she isn’t writing, she can be found reading, drinking vast amounts of coffee, or hanging out with the multitude of animals who have taken over her home.