Jan 31, 2013

Guest Blog & Giveaway: Blood of the Dark Moon by Adrianne Brennan

I would like to welcome Adrianne Brennan to My Paranormal Book Review.  Today, Adrianne is guest blogging about her next writing project.  


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 A dark flame of passion ignites between Amanda, a devoted follower of the Greek god Apollo, and Jesse, a handsome scholar who shares her love of both the classics and the occult. But little does Amanda know she is destined to fulfill a legacy that began long ago and ended in tragedy. Together, she and Jesse embark on a journey down a shadowy path that delivers Amanda into Jesse’s scintillating underworld of vampires, magick, and secret societies. Will she learn her true identity in time to help those she has grown to care for, and find happiness in her new life with Jesse? And will destiny finally be fulfilled?

Guest Blog:

My Next Writing Project

It's the final book in the Oath series entitled "Union". I'm in the midst of edits for it and will be the very next book of mine to come out. It’s the conclusion of the tale of a young woman named Lila in the process of self-discovery, empowerment, and mastery through an intensely erotic series of rituals. It’s a fantasy work featuring magick, demons, and all sorts of supernatural events. Once finished I plan to have a sequel to the series in the form of a novella, something a bit longer for my readers to sink their teeth into.

 I have a few struggles with getting this particular work done. This series has chronicled the personal journey and evolution in an intense, sexual way. I’m not sure what to leave off with in a way that would close out the series and do the character justice. Her tale won’t end, and for that I have a sequel planned, but it’s the “end-that’s-a-beginning” and fitting it as a short chapter work which is the challenge.

 Interestingly, I find longer works easier to finish than shorter works. You would think that something that’s only 2-4k in length would be easy to write but it seems that my comfort zone is more at the 10-15k length and higher. As a result, I may have to have the last chapter longer than what would be preferable.

 Writers: what sorts of obstacles do you typically find in ending a series? Readers: what type of series’ endings do you enjoy the best, and why? Do you believe a story can ever truly end, and do you feel comfortable with “open” endings, knowing that in the end, a story can never really be over? Or do you find more comfort in total closure?

Author Info.

Adrianne Brennan stumbled into her love of writing by accident at the age of ten with a creative writing assignment for her science class. The end result was a science fiction comedy featuring numerous puns regarding vegetables. Adrianne's works were previously published through Aphrodite's Apples Press and are now published through Freya's Bower, Love You Divine, Running Press/Constable & Robinson, and Torquere Press. In addition, she is a member of EPIC, Infinite Worlds of Fantasy Authors, the Midnight Seductions Authors group, and an alumnus member of Kappa Gamma Psi, a co-ed national professional performing arts fraternity. The author resides in Boston, Massachusetts with two cats and a car she has aptly named "the TARDIS." She assures her readers that people tell her it looks bigger on the inside.

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  1. I love a good love story :)

    shadowrunner1987 AT gmail DOT com

  2. I like series endings that tie up all the loose ends & answer all the questions.


  3. Thanks for having me here today! I'll be home sometime this evening to answer comments and/or questions. :)

  4. This story sounds so great. Looking forward to the next one too.

  5. Great excerpt,looking forward to read your book :)


  6. I also like series endings were everything comes together and I'm not left wondering.


  7. Hi, how do you go about creating new characters for a story?


  8. What is your favorite mythology figure?

    emiliana25 at web dot de

  9. Hi Lena! Characters come to me usually through some form of inspiration such as a dream or ideas I get from other fiction, usually in "what if" scenarios where things wind up in a completely different direction than the one it wound up going in.

    Emiliana, that's a really good question. I think probably Kyrene, a woman who was found by Apollo on a mountain top wrestling a lion with her bare hands. He proposed to her on the spot and she accepted. She may be the only woman I've read of who was positively associated with the god who was neither a family member nor cursed or turned into a tree or something. :) She's not very well known; you normally hear of Daphne, Cassandra, et al.

  10. Lovely excerpt, now that you are a published author, is it as you thought it would be?

    galaschick78 AT gmail DOT com

  11. Hi Gala! Yes and no. I think one thing writers aren't aware is how much going into being a professional writer other than, well, actually writing. :) The editing process I expected, the idea of improving my writing by cherishing the red ink on my manuscripts, yes. All that I found to be relatively intuitive. But once it became a career there was a lot involved I didn't anticipate: learning how to put myself out there, talk about my writing to potential readers, do my own advertising, handling my taxes, etc, none of that I would've known in advance! I've learned a lot about myself in the process and have met many people whom I wouldn't have otherwise.

    I also really feel for people in this profession who are introverts. I usually recommend to them that they get together with other writers and promote together in order to take some of the pressure off of them. I am a high extrovert; I love chatting with people and talking to total strangers has never bothered me. For someone else, this may be considered to be terrifying!

  12. This book is interesting. Is it about Greek mythology because I love retelling of mythology. Count me in the giveaway! :)

  13. I love Greek mythology! Can't wait to read your book!

  14. Hi Anne! It's not about Greek mythology, but the character is a Greek pagan. :)

    Glad that people like the cover! I personally think it's gorgeous, my cover artist rocks. :D

  15. lovely cover and great guest post!

  16. Sounds like a book that I would really enjoy. Thanks!
    Michelle Tucker
    michelletucker at baconnation dot net

  17. Very engaging excerpt!