Dec 31, 2012

Review of The Unforgiven: The Crave by D.J. Kile

Title:     The Unforgiven: The Crave                                           
              (The Unholy Trinity Chronicles)
Author:  D.J. Kile
Pages:   106
Genre:   Paranormal Fiction
Source:  ebook via author

Rating:  4 STARS
Book Synopsis:

In times of Chaos a choice has to be made, not all of which are made for the greater good...rather revenge.       Dean Cathal, not an ordinary man, A Diavol Strigoi , a creation of desperation living thousands of lifetimes. Wreaking havoc across the world gets lured to New Orleans where a southern girl is trapped in the realm of dreams. He wants her... he has to have her.. but she belongs to another, Mica Navarre.    Every touch, every kiss drives him faster towards destruction. So another of his kind is sent to make him give into his nature, a demon of old...Sebastian.      Will Dean prevail? And end up with his obsession, turning her toward the dark. Or will she chose human love? and leave a heartless creature in despair to become the ultimate evil.

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My Review:

The Unforgiven: The Crave is the first book in The Unholy Trinity Chronicles by D.J. Kile.  The setting is a southern plantation rich with Civil War history.  The setting allows the character, Faith, to really shine as a southern sweetheart.  She experiences vivid dreams of a past and a handsome young man.  One day, the young man, Dean, shows up in her life.  Faith struggles to figure out who he is and why is he in her dreams.  Dean struggles to understand why he is drawn to Faith.  Kile does an excellent job creating characters who the reader can relate to and find themselves befriending in the real world.

Faith's dreams are the most interesting part of the story.  The dreams about the Romanian princess and the knight introduced the reader to forbidden love and innocence lost.  The Unforgiven has left me with so many questions...Is Faith dreaming of a former life? Will Dean destroy Faith?

When I started reading The Unforgiven, I discovered it was written in past tense.  This concerned me because I prefer books written in present tense.  However, I enjoyed this book and the writing tense made not impact on my reading experience.  My only criticism is about the transitions between the characters thoughts and views.  At times, the transitions seemed  abrupt and left me back pedaling.

I rated The Unforgiven: The Crave 4 STARS!

I was provided a copy of this book by the author for an honest review.

Author Information:

D.J Kile. Born on September 11th, 1990.
A born and bred Southern Belle is Currently living in Fulton, Missouri with her fiance, a German Shepherd and other pets. Right now she is attending college, majoring in creative writing. She began writing at an extremely young age and has continued non-stop. She also is a horseback riding instructor and freelance photographer. Her current project is The Unforgiven : The Crave, book one in the Unholy Trinity Chronicles now available on At this time The Unforgiven is in the top 20 best rated books on  Helping her along in this journey is her amazing editor Patrick Lee who is also a fellow author and above all mentor.
With the love and support of all her friends and family, she hopes one day to simply be able to walk around a bookstore and say " yep I wrote that one".

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