Nov 19, 2012

The Forest Portal by Melody Dempsey Book Tour & Giveaway

Today, I'm happy to host The Forest Portal by Melody Dempsey!  Melody will be giving away a Signed Paperback to one lucky individual.  For the giveaway, complete the Rafflecopter  below the author information.  Continue reading to learn more about The Forest Portal.....

Genre-Young Adult -Science Fiction/Fantasy

Publisher-Publish America

Release Date- October 29, 2009

The Forest Portal tells the story of three teens as they embark on an amazing journey through time. Thrilled about the last day of school, Cameron Maine, his younger sister Collette, along with their friend Taden, decide to go to the beach for an afternoon of fun and relaxation, but Cameron has other plans he has not revealed to the other two. He tells them he wants help collecting seaweed, shells, and other seashore items. Taden questions his friend’s request, but reluctantly decides to lend a hand.

Cameron has plans to develop a sealant that turns old wood new again. Taden, feeling doubtful about the plausibility of Cameron new project soon discovers, along with Cameron and Collette that the sealant actually turns out to be a paint that has the ability to turn wood bight, rainbow colors. Excited, the three decide to paint some trees in a heavily wooded area behind Cameron and Collette’s house. The three soon discover, to there amazement that the two freshly painted trees has the ability to transport them into another time, another place. The trio find themselves probing even more into a dimension so bizarre, deeper into the realm of an unknown world that they discovered, sending them on a journey that makes a summer they will never forget!

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Excerpt one

Taden grabbed Collette and held her tight to him, her face only an inch
from his. She looked surprised. He looked intently into her eyes, his still
filled with anger.
“Look, I’m not going to let you go through by yourself!! We’ll just get
in trouble together, ok?”
“Ok” Collette answered softly, a look of surprise filled her face.
Taden loosened his grip a little, still looking into her eyes; the anger
quickly leaving them as a look of warmth and desire flooded in. He gently
touched her face.
“I couldn’t take it if something happened to you Collette,” he said
softly, then he gently kissed her, pressing her closer to him.
Collette put her arms around his neck. She started to run her fingers
through his hair. She felt herself liquidate as he pressed her body closer
to his; kissing her with more passion. Collette could feel his strong body
getting more intense. She started to try to loosen his hold on her, afraid
she may completely let her guard down. Taden pulled her closer to him.
“Taden, no!” she cried, as she pulled away from him. The sultry look
on Taden’s face was quickly replaced with a look of embarrassment.
“Collette, God, I’m sorry. I don’t know…” He wished the ground
would open up and swallow him.
Collette gazed at him, still feeling the heat of his kiss on her lips.
Taden was tall and well built from doing work on his aunt’s farm from
time to time. He was an excellent horseback rider.
“It’s ok Taden. I got carried away too,” she said, trying to avoid
looking at him too hard.
She noticed that he was aroused, but she didn’t want him to know that
she knew. Taden sighed and sat on the ground. He rubbed his hands
through his thick dark brown hair. Collette sat down opposite him.
Taden found himself melting back into the memory of Collette’s soft,
sweet tasting lips; the feel of her sensuous slender curves under his hands
as he caressed her delicate body. Collette reveled in the memory of
Taden’s sensuous, strong arms holding her; his kisses gently smothering
her lips. After a few moments of silence, Taden spoke up. “Well, we had
better go and find Cam.”
Collette agreed. They both got up and stood in front of the two trees.
Taden took Collette’s hand. “Ready,” he asked, giving her a slight smile.
“Yeah,” she replied
They both stepped through the two trees.
Cam was over by the big rock, squatting down. They ran to the rock.
“Cam, what the hell did you come back here for?” asked Collette.
A very surprised Cam quickly turned around. “Collette! Shit! Squat
down!!” he demanded in a loud whisper.
Both Collette and Taden quickly squatted down. Cam glared at his
sister and his friend.
“What in the hell are you two doing here?” he growled, scowling at the
both of them. Collette looked at her brother.
“What the hell are you doing here Cam, and what’s going on?” she
“Shhh! Keep your voice down!” he whispered loudly, the scowl, still
on his face. Taden gave his friend a hard look. “Cam, she and I were
worried about you,” he snapped in a low voice.
Cam looked at Taden, then at Collette, his expression softening.
“Listen guys, I just heard that guy standing by the apple tree just
threaten someone. I think it’s another man,” he said, pointing towards
the big tree.
“I didn’t see the other guy. He’s behind that tree somewhere, but I
heard him. They were yelling at each other. I heard the man by the tree;
see, the one standing there.” Cam pointed to the large apple tree.
“I heard him say something about killing some girl the next time. I
don’t know what that’s all about, but it sounds serious to me.”
The trio looked towards the tree. The two men continued to argue.
Suddenly there was a gunshot! The man that was standing by the large
tree fell to the ground. They saw another man with a gun emerge into
sight. Collette made a sound as she drew back her breath. Cam quickly
put his hand over her mouth.

Author Information

Born in Chelsea Massachusetts, she has two grown daughters, and seven "furry babies. Three cats, two dogs and two pet mice. 
She's always enjoyed writing ever since she was in Elementary school. Melody can remember the feeling of excitement she would get whenever her English teacher wanted the class to write a story. Once when she was in the third grade, the teacher wanted all of the class to write a short story of any topic of their choosing. Melody wrote a comedy about a dog and a cat. Unable to remember all of the story now, she does remember reading it and the class loved it! Ms. Dempsey also remembers the story was about the comedic antics of one dog and a mean cat. The story ended with the dog being chased up a tree. That image is still funny and it got her the first place blue ribbon!
Melody actually started to write seriously when she was around 14 years old. During the summer months she found that she had more time on my hands, loving to read more in her early teen years.
After reflecting back on the materials read, she would find herself with pen in hand, paper in front of her,(there were no home computers back then), and she would start to create her own stories. Ms. Dempsey's always been very fond of fiction, adventure, human interest stories, mystery, and thriller novels and also enjoys comedies, and of course, stories about animals.

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