Aug 6, 2012

Charade by Cambria Hebert

Charade (Heven and Hell, #2)

Charade by Cambria Hebert
Genre: YA Paranormal Romance
Published May 18, 2012 by Otherworld Publications
Source: ARC ebook from author via Goodreads Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy Fanatics Group

Rating:  5 STARS


Goodreads Synopsis:  Dying at the hands of a psycho was a shock. Having my ife returned to me by an angel was incredible. Being named a Supernatural Treasure and being given Sam as my guard was pretty darn awesome. Acquiring a debt for it all - well, I should have seen it coming. Now here we are, fighting demons from hell, caring for a boy that I just don't trust and traveling to faraway places to return a treasure to its rightful place. Nothing is as it seems. Everyone wears a mask, everyone puts on a charade. It's up to us to separate the truth from the lies and reality from fiction. A hard task when my new reality involves fallen angels, witches and dragons...and did I mention hell? Anchoring me down through it all is Sam. Sam who must face tragedies of his own and is put to the test again and again. If we fail in our task, life as we know it - life as you know it - will end. Forever.

My Review: Charade is the second book in the Heven and Hell Series.  I loved Masquerade the first book in the series. So many times the second book disappoints me.  WOW, Charade didn’t disappoint me at all!  It totally blew me away.

The writing flowed smoothly making the book a fast read.  The author has the ability to draw you into the story and the character development is amazing.  There was plenty of action and adventure with Heven and Sam’s mission to return the scroll to the catacombs in Rome. Heven and Sam’s relationship is so sweet, loving, and protective.  Who wouldn’t want a boyfriend like Sam?

I didn’t know where the relationship between Cole and Heven was going…is it a love triangle, or something else? Then, the author revealed the twist.  Typically, I see the twist coming in the book and can figure them out before the big reveal.  Not in Charade, I was floored by the revelation of Cole and Heven’s relationship.

Charade introduced us to new characters: Gemma and Logan.  I’m dying to know more about Gemma, a fallen angel.  She is a great addition to the story. She’s tough and obviously has feelings for Cole.  I cannot wait to find out more about the reason she lost her wings and was banished from heaven. I look forward to seeing Gemma and Cole’s relationship develop.  Now Logan, I had mixed feelings about him.  I don’t think he added anything to the story.  Yes, he is Sam’s brother and makes attempt after attempt to cause a rift in Sam and Heven’s relationship.  I don't think I would have missed his absence from the story.

Now to the cliff hanger….I wanted to scream no, no, no…you can’t do this to them!  I don’t want to give away any spoilers. Now, I have to wait until the release of the next book.

I highly recommend this book for young adults and adults.

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